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Face of the day Fairies
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This Community is solely for posting FACE OF THE DAY [FOTD] pictures.

Each post should have ONE (main) FOTD pic of max 400 x 400 pixels. The other pics or posts without any pics (different angles, closeup of features, larger pics etc) should be behind an LJ cut. </b> If you want to post more than one look on the same day, do it in a seperate post, same rules apply.

:: DO NOTS ::

(and these shall not be tolerated)

  • Advertise anything (communities of any kind, items, ebay listings, swaps etc). No requests for icons, layouts or LJ codes either. Immediate BAN.
  • Post details of your day, rants, whines etc. Use your own journal or the appropriate community for that. Immediate BAN.
  • Any questions or help required regarding the community should also be done behind an LJ-cut.
  • Post makeup suggestions, advice etc. Anything makeup, beauty related should be put behind an LJ cut or done in the comments page. Any post that does not come with a FOTD pic should be done behind an LJ cut. Odd I know but the point is to see only pics on members' FRIENDS PAGE and not long, boring posts. This is the whole point of the community.
  • Post your pics if the quality is lousy and fails to show your makeup. It defeats the purpose of this com. There are other coms to post your pics and poses etc.
  • Post full body pics, photoshopped pics, different poses of a same FOTD. But by all means crop your pics to show different features etc. If you want to share the makeup used, do it behind LJ-cut or add text to your pics with a paint program.

    For examples on what this com should be about, visit CozyCot's Cozyface forum
    Faceless FOTDs please do not post.

    Basically, to cut the confusion, this community is for visual purposes.

    The point of this community is to show members the wonderful look you have created with makeup and your techniques without clicking first on LJ-cuts, sifting through wordy and meaningless posts.

    Sorry for being a bitch with so many (weird) rules. But this is the only way the community will be used in the right way. If you are unhappy with how the community works, email your suggestions to me, if I still disagree, sorry, you may consider starting your own com with your own rules instead.